Non-narrative story forms for the web

I recently came across a presentation I gave in 2009 to a group of journalists and editors on non-narrative story forms (or alternative story forms as some designers at the time were calling them). When I quickly scanned through the document I began to wonder if the research and action plan was not only still […]

Looking beyond software-based design tools

Second thoughts on Adobe Experience Design and other new tools, and how we should really be talking about process (Follow up to First impressions with Adobe Experience Design) After trying Adobe Experience Design (Xd) for a brief hour, I went back to my regular tasks. In the back of my mind I was trying to […]

First impressions with Adobe Experience Design

I’ve had a short time to experiment with designing and prototyping in Adobe’s new Experience Design app, the fruit of Project Comet. While Experience Design (Xd for short) has a lot of potential, it’s missing a great deal of features in other prototyping apps such as Flinto or even Keynote.

When will the total number of LEGO minifigs produced outnumber the human population

While working on a side project, I began digging into the numbers behind just how big the LEGO minifig population is. There’s a graphic from a few years ago made by XKCD showing minifigs overtaking humans in 2019. However that was over two years ago and since then the LEGO Group has released a couple of big numbers regarding the minifig population, including the rate of growth.

How to make a how-to video for under $50

During a Quidco product design sprint we identified a need to create a how to video for the new homepage we were creating, we had next to no budget and three days. Once we ran the sprint and proved our new homepage prototype was a good idea, the front-end developer began coding the page and […]

Trying out Getty Images embed

Getty Images has announced a new tool to fight the endless war on their images being stolen; let them be embedded for free. Getty recognises how easy it is to steal their images and remove the important watermark that previously protected photos on the largest photo database. Below images on their site are currently three […]

Dew: my first overdue iPhone app

I have finally created my first iPhone app and it’s only taken five years. I’ve wanted to build an app for some time but have had to face several challenges: time, learning curve and an idea. I needed the right mix, especially an idea I was passionate about, to make this a side-project I would enjoy and be challenged by.

The story behind the CSS London Eye

I was playing around in Illustrator drawing iconic London landmarks and found I had drawn the London Eye. It occurred to me that it would be pretty simple (or so I thought) to animate the Eye with CSS. The result is a continuous loop with the main wheel turning clockwise while each pod rotates counter-clockwise […]

Resolutions for the New Year

I think the problem with New Year’s resolutions is they’re not kept for very long. Also they are often things that become a chore to do. I don’t need that kind of pressure. Instead I’d rather have a few goals for 2014, and most importantly they should be realistic and achievable. I probably shouldn’t even write them down, it’s too much of a commitment.

Quidco takes to the Underground

Even now six months away the campaign launched, the Quidco Get Paid to Shop ads can still be seen on trains in the London Underground. The campaign was comprised of 5 tube carriage variations, 16-sheet over the track poster and two lift/escalator poster variations. Registration and brand awareness has increased as a result of the […]