Capturing the icons of London

A few months ago I started drawing illustrations of random things to make into posters and I quickly found I had made several London themed images. Taking a leaf from a designer overseas, I began a side-project very recently taking these illustrations and exploring animation with CSS. The series, London Iconic, is just getting started, […]

Applying antiphonal geometry to the digital page

There was one talk from last week’s Responsive Day Out put on by Clearleft that struck a cord, Owen Gregory’s Antiphonal Geometry. Owen raised the challenges of laying out web content in the formless space that is a resizable browser window, yet my mind leapt to the restraints of a tangible frame that mobile devices […]

Wishble — the side project

My latest side project is nearing release. Wishble is a new type of wish list app initially targeted at a tiny market, yet something I need myself. The product is minimal and hopefully simple, the design uncluttered and modern, and the purpose singular.

Jack of all design, master of design

A solid understanding of design can aid any designer to be flexible and fluid in their role, but also allow for diversity of skills and experience to influence a narrowly focused specialty. An illustrator might make a good mobile app designer, or an editorial designer might make a great user experience designer because in the end it’s about applying the same theories to an ever evolving medium. A jack of all trades designer can be a master of one or many.

Creative outlets and continuous learning

Are hobbies meant to be relaxing and challenging? My side-projects tend toward coding experiments making things I think would be useful, but they are not necessary creative outlets? In trying to find a suitable 10-hour challenge I’ve begun to question the projects I’ve done and whether I’m over thinking their purpose and the process.

The 10-hour side-project challenge

A side-project is a good way to expend some extra energy, if you can find it. However contrary to those struggling to find the time in their busy lives, my biggest challenge is the time-limit.

I am a designer

In an attempt to avoid calling myself a ‘graphic designer’ I choose the vague yet entirely accurate title ‘designer’. But designer is a fair label when one considers the wide range of skills & roles which all rely on a basic foundation in design theory. Let me explain my thinking.

Keep Calm but panic when there’s snow

If you check the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster, you may notice a note left off all the modern variations, special instructions regarding snow in England.

Rebekah Cox from Quora explains design

I’m always looking for great presentations and examples of what design means. Today I discovered a presentation Rebekah Cox from Quora recently gave at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. There’s a short 5-minute video of the presentation on youtube (see below), but better still, the presentation was transcribed and posted with the slides on Quora.

Don’t Forget About this new website

I have been working on a project for a few months now, a unique approach to simplifying the getting things done (GTD) and bookmark apps. It originated from a problem, keeping a running wish list of movies I want to see and books I want to read, often needing a quick way to capture this suggestions. A GTD app can keep a running list, but these that list would be among many and they are time and task based. I could create a bookmark list to store these items, but I have enough bookmarks with illegible urls, and how do I hunt through the list. So along with the excellent coding skills of my co-founder Joel, we’ve created It’s a simple web app that creates a list of things to eventually consume. Each item is a verb and noun pair, so I can remember to watch Four Lions, or read Switch: how to change things when change is hard. More importantly, each noun can be linked to the place I’ll buy it from. And we made a mobile version of the website for adding items to the list on the go, such as when I see an ad for a movie or I’m in a shop and see something I’d like to buy later. It’s a work in progress as new features are added and tweaks are done. Try it out by starting your own list on