Creating an unified UI across multiple brands

One recent project I initiated at Tipping Canoe was to unify the user interface of several deal-content sites originally created by the company. The brief was to design and build one template for our bespoke content management system that could be easily adapted to individual brands and content variations.

First impressions with Adobe Experience Design

I’ve had a short time to experiment with designing and prototyping in Adobe’s new Experience Design app, the fruit of Project Comet. While Experience Design (Xd for short) has a lot of potential, it’s missing a great deal of features in other prototyping apps such as Flinto or even Keynote.

On the road to Tactile touch experiences

Apple’s CarPlay product was made public just as there has been a surge in automotive touchscreen concepts, from Volvo’s entry to an interesting concept from designer Matthaeus Krenn. Both examples are beautiful and yet each has limitations caused by the rush to non-tactile interfaces—non-visual feedback.