London’s Top 5 best cafes & coffee shops

10 October 2014

I have been all over London’s coffee scene for years now and compiled the best spots across the capital into one app, Dew. Unlike the Dew app, I’ve taken the 100 plus cafes, rated and hand-picked the best artisan coffee shops for you in no particular order. There are many reasons these cafes have made the list (mostly we like them the most), and we’re not afraid to tell you why (but, really if you disagree, go ahead and tell us please).


Opened by world champion baristas, Prufrock Coffee graduated to their large cafe and training room after years in Whitecross Market and tuck inside a clothing store in Shoreditch. They care about the coffee they serve and in four years of weekly visits, I’ve never had a bad coffee. I’ve also watched as many of their baristas have moved on to new shops around London, so they must be doing something right. I also may have said this list is not in order but Prufrock is my favourite top pick.


Shoreditch is not lacking in good coffee shops with a new one opening every few months. MacIntyre popped-up on the section of Hoxton Street that feels like a back-alley, and even though it’s slightly off the beat path it’s well worth the minor detour up from Old Street. With stools gathered around the two small espresso machines, MacIntyre is more personal and comfortable.

Bulldog Edition

Another great cafe in Shoreditch, Bulldog Edition opened with the launch of the Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street, and this is the type of coffee shop that should be in the lobby of every good hotel.


Dose introduced me to the third wave coffee scene back in 2009 when I sipped my first flat white in their original smaller store. This was back before I moved to London, before the flat white went mainstream, and I’d switched to piccolos, but Dose remains one of the best cafes in London. The food is delicious and the staff friendly and knowledgable about the craft, so many a Saturday was spent inside while reading the papers.


What drew me to Attendant was the cafe’s obviously unique former life as a public toilet, but what brings me back time and again is their good coffee. Close to Oxford Circus, I’ve taken many visitors to London through Attendant especially to show a calmer and more quirky area so close to the chaos along Oxford Street.

Other picks worth trying which are good but didn’t make the arbitrary ‘top 5’ include Milk Bar, Flat White, Kaffeine, and Mother’s Milk.