Dew: my first overdue iPhone app

I have finally created my first iPhone app and it’s only taken five years. I’ve wanted to build an app for some time but have had to face several challenges: time, learning curve and an idea. I needed the right mix, especially an idea I was passionate about, to make this a side-project I would enjoy and be challenged by.

2 March 2014 • Design

The story behind the CSS London Eye

I was playing around in Illustrator drawing iconic London landmarks and found I had drawn the London Eye. It occurred to me that it would be pretty simple (or so I thought) to animate the Eye with CSS. The result is a continuous loop with the main wheel turning clockwise while each pod rotates counter-clockwise […]

23 January 2014 • Design

Resolutions for the New Year

I think the problem with New Year’s resolutions is they’re not kept for very long. Also they are often things that become a chore to do. I don’t need that kind of pressure. Instead I’d rather have a few goals for 2014, and most importantly they should be realistic and achievable. I probably shouldn’t even write them down, it’s too much of a commitment.

11 January 2014 • Design

Quidco takes to the Underground

Even now six months away the campaign launched, the Quidco Get Paid to Shop ads can still be seen on trains in the London Underground. The campaign was comprised of 5 tube carriage variations, 16-sheet over the track poster and two lift/escalator poster variations. Registration and brand awareness has increased as a result of the […]

24 April 2013 • Design

Capturing the icons of London

A few months ago I started drawing illustrations of random things to make into posters and I quickly found I had made several London themed images. Taking a leaf from a designer overseas, I began a side-project very recently taking these illustrations and exploring animation with CSS. The series, London Iconic, is just getting started, […]

23 April 2013 • Design

Applying antiphonal geometry to the digital page

There was one talk from last week’s Responsive Day Out put on by Clearleft that struck a cord, Owen Gregory’s Antiphonal Geometry. Owen raised the challenges of laying out web content in the formless space that is a resizable browser window, yet my mind leapt to the restraints of a tangible frame that mobile devices […]

9 March 2013 • Design

Wishble — the side project

My latest side project is nearing release. Wishble is a new type of wish list app initially targeted at a tiny market, yet something I need myself. The product is minimal and hopefully simple, the design uncluttered and modern, and the purpose singular.

10 November 2012 • Design

Jack of all design, master of design

A solid understanding of design can aid any designer to be flexible and fluid in their role, but also allow for diversity of skills and experience to influence a narrowly focused specialty. An illustrator might make a good mobile app designer, or an editorial designer might make a great user experience designer because in the end it’s about applying the same theories to an ever evolving medium. A jack of all trades designer can be a master of one or many.


Creative outlets and continuous learning

Are hobbies meant to be relaxing and challenging? My side-projects tend toward coding experiments making things I think would be useful, but they are not necessary creative outlets? In trying to find a suitable 10-hour challenge I’ve begun to question the projects I’ve done and whether I’m over thinking their purpose and the process.

3 November 2012 • Design

The 10-hour side-project challenge

A side-project is a good way to expend some extra energy, if you can find it. However contrary to those struggling to find the time in their busy lives, my biggest challenge is the time-limit.

31 October 2012 • Design