Resolutions for the New Year

11 January 2014

I think the problem with New Year’s resolutions is they’re not kept for very long. Also they are often things that become a chore to do. I don’t need that kind of pressure. Instead I’d rather have a few goals for 2014, and most importantly they should be realistic and achievable. I probably shouldn’t even write them down, it’s too much of a commitment.

Still this year I would like to…

  • finish a personal side-project beyond the experimenting stage
  • relax and figure out my obsession with being productive all the time
  • write (and blog) more
  • travel more
  • be more courageous…

There is actually one overall goal, to keep learning. I’ve been intending to write one of those ‘designers should learn how to code’ posts. True is, I am one of those designers who has been learning to code. I’m not going to be a brilliant developer, but I’m learning enough to create something for myself. I consider it a hobby, like learning a language (very literally).

But of course I come from the belief that we should never stop learning. Technology has forced designers to continuously adapt to new tools over the years, but the pace has just increased. We also continue to experiment and learn new techniques, so it seems logical to tackle coding in a similar way. Then again, maybe coding is simply not for everyone, so it’s really more important to keep expanding our minds. Learn to do something with your hands… sew, knit, carve, sculpt… or find something you’re good at and expand. Like typography: draw a font. Like photography: get out more with your camera (or camera phone). Can you draw: draw more, or even try learning motion graphics (a faster way to animate without doing frame-by-frame animation).

So my resolution is simple, keep learning. Of course I could say I am going to do this any way, but then at least I’m more likely to keep my resolution.

Update: I guess subconsciously I picked up on the new Guardian monthly Saturday supplement Do Something as this line of thinking fit really well with their manifesto and the Seven ways to get started. Having now read (mostly scanned) the magazine, I thought I’d share it’s call to arms. I’m still someday going to comment (rant) about our obsession with being productive, but first I’ll enjoy the little nudges and inspirations to do something this weekend.