Trying out Getty Images embed

6 March 2014

Getty Images has announced a new tool to fight the endless war on their images being stolen; let them be embedded for free. Getty recognises how easy it is to steal their images and remove the important watermark that previously protected photos on the largest photo database. Below images on their site are currently three buttons to tweet, tumble and embed the image on a blog, including WordPress.

Let’s try this out. Here’s the image from their homepage when I visited to have a play.

The embed is free of much framing except below the image. The bar below the photo seems quite deep though my hunch is that there’s space for longer photo credits. The buttons could be muted slightly, keeping the same black/grey monochromatic style with Getty’s logo and credit (and not causing a distraction from the photo itself). I could also say their logo is a bit large in context, but it has an overall larger presence then the similar embed from Twitter.

Including (or the option to include) the attached caption would also be a nice touch. In fact the caption is not even included in the Alt tag for the image which will not offer a good experience for anyone requiring a screen reader.

Not all images are included in Getty’s embed offering. For example on the same topic, the selfie at the Oscars, there are a number of images showing the photo from a different angle but only one has embed enabled (and it’s a portrait image).

And for a bonus, a good variation on the selfie.